The Renaissance Chorus (RenChorNY) presents
Music ABOUT Music and Musicians
Claude Lévy, artistic director and conductor

We presented two concerts in October 2017 featuring choral music by Low Countries composers praising music, honoring musicians, and playing with music. Two concerts were given, part of the New York Early Music Celebration 2017:

A program of music c.1472-1600 from the Lowlands about music and musicians. We presented works by Compère, Josquin, Certon, Mouton, Moulu, Senfl, Lassus, Schuyt, and Stobaus. Composers and writers honored by them include Pithagoras, Du Fay, Dussart, Busnoys, Caron, G. de Brelles, Tinctoris, Corbet, Hemart, Fauges, Molinet, Regis, Compère, Baziron, Obrecht, Eloy, Hayne, La Rue, Longuevel, Lourdault, Prioris, the brothers Févin, Hilaire, Divites, Brumel, Isaac, Nynot, Forestier, Bruhier, Mouton, Ockeghem, Josquin and Sermisy.

Saturday October 14, 7 p.m. in the Christ Chapel of Riverside Church,
490 Riverside Drive, Manhattan, between West 120th and 122nd Streets. Suggested contribution $20, seniors $15, students $5.

Wednesday October 18, 8 p.m. at Fort Washington Collegiate Church,
729 West 181st Street, east of Fort Washington Avenue. Suggested contribution $15, students free.

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