Memory by Sylvia Reubens Hollister
September, 2020

I was Sylvia Reubens when in the chorus. I just came across the Renaissance chorus site, and recall very special memories. I was in the chorus from around 1958 to the 60's, with Harold Brown directing. Sometimes Joel Meltz led the group. I remember singing at the Cloisters, and I think also at St John the Divine. I went to Music and Art HS (class of '59), and then was a music major at CCNY (class of '64). I remember going to rehearsal with Peter Schlosser on the subway from the Bronx, singing some of the music during our trip! I also remember Linda Fischer Monssen, who was a friend. I currently sing with the Deer Ridge Singers, a NJ chamber chorale, do lots of music (compose, flute, piano) and love to share and jam with others. I love renaissance music. Facebook name is Sylvia Reubens Hollister, now from central west NJ. Would enjoy connecting with others.