Notes About Performance/Recording History of Works by Harold Brown

Until a fuller reading of the letters with the Brown family and archival materials from Columbia university, Eastman School, the Mutual Broadcasting System [WOR] and National Broadcasting system [NBC], and WNYC are studied, here is our tentative supplement to materials in the Biography at as found at the NYPL Rodgers & Hammerstein sound archives at Lincoln Center: Curator: Sara Velez, 212 870 1662/

It is inconvenient that NYPL seems not to have scores which are at The Fleisher Orchestral Collection in Philadelphia Public Library, and the former ACA archives at The University of Maryland in College Park.

Orchestral-Passacaglia and fugue (Frescobaldi) arrangement/transcription: Columbia University Orchestra cond. by Harold Brown. April 1937 no recording listed.

Orchestral-Suite for String Orchestra(1937): The Symphonic Strings cond by Alfred Wallenstein [MBS/WOR] June 14,1937=at NYPL [WNYC] n.d.= at NYPL. Probably from the previous broadcast recording Yaddo String Orchestra cond. by Richard Donovan September 10,1938 ,= At NYPL

Orchestral- Introduction And Allegro(1938):{Allegro} Eastman Symphony cond. Howard Hanson October 28,1941=at NYPL Several readings/rehearsals[10/26] are available at Eastman per Sibley Library.

Interlude from Suite for Large Orchestra(1940) & spoken introduction by Dr. Howard Hanson at Symposium of American Composers for January 24.1944[*]=at NYPL. *Actually: 1943

Full performances available at Eastman.

Orchestral-Divertimento for Small Orchestra(1945) Air & Dance {dance}”Music For Tonight” NBC Symphony[?Milton Katims/?Alexander Smallens] [from ref#65360] 6/6/45= at NYPL= Probably Katims.

Chamber –Quintet for strings [2vla](1935) “WPA composers forum” n.d. broadcast

Chamber--Two Experiments for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon(1930) Gerald Rudy,fl/ Ralph MacLean,Clar/ Leonard Sharron,Bssn. Recorded 1/26/1938

Songs------“Minniver Cheevy”/ “Alysoun” Jane Mayhall, soprano/ Byran Harden, Piano

Piano score to “Child's Urge To Draw”: narrated children’s documentary film [n.d.]

The 12/9/79 Rutgers Church Memorial Concert CD, as recorded by Marc Aubort of Elite Recordings has been submitted to the NYPL for inclusion in the sound archive.

Our Renaissance Chorus Assn CD compilation of the Eastman recordings have also been submitted to the NYPL sound archive. This had been supplemented by the Louis Lantz midi version of the unplayed Andante Sostenuto of the Four Symphonic Movements (1950) and also his midi of the (1945) Divertimento, and The Canby Singers 2002 performance of the Choral Setting #1, conducted by Sheila Schonbrun.

The Renaissance Chorus Recordings are variously available in several libraries. Several Concert tapings exist of the performances noted on our website.

Sigmund Rosen
September 16, 2009

10/31/09 Centennial Concert performances of the following compositions were recorded by Marc Aubort at Advent Lutheran Church:
  • Two Experiments for Flute, Clarinet & Bassoon (1931)
    Alice Jones, flute; Eduardo Lopez-Dabdoub, clarinet; Adam Lintz, Bassoon
  • Three Songs for soprano & piano: Miniver Cheevy, Alysoun, Silvia the fair
    Danielle Woerner, soprano; Emily White, piano
  • String Quartet (1932+)
    Tessera Quartet
  • Choral Setting #1 (1940): text by G. M. Hopkins, "No worst, there is none" - SSAAAA
    Women of the Renaissance Chorus, Joel Meltz, dir.
  • Four Little Preludes (1935)
    Emily White, piano
  • String Quintet (2 violas) (1935)
    Tessera Quartet with Louise Schulman
Recorded by Marc Aubort, of Elite Recordings, for ALBANY Records,
5/22/11 at Juilliard School of Music and 5/23-25/11 at St Peter's Church, Chelsea,
by the Tessera Quartet, with Louise Schulman on the Quintet:
  • String Quartet"Christopher Robin" (1930)
  • String Quartet (1932+)
  • String Quintet (1935)
The CD was released by ALBANY June 1, 2012 as TROY1352.

The 1935 Quintet was performed by Tessera and Louise at the CD release party, September 23, 2012.

Choral Setting No. 1 was arranged for string quintet by Joel Meltz and received its premier performance by the Tessera Quartet with Louise Schulman at the CD release party.

Sigmund Rosen
November 10, 2012