A Tudor Christmas with RenChorNY

Before his 1534 Break with Rome, and the 1536-9 dissolution and plundering of monasteries, Henry VIII employed the great Robert Fayrfax, whose florid festal Christmas Mass "Tecum principium" was copied in four manuscripts, which miraculously survived the violence. Concerts will feature this masterpiece, along with seasonal Sarum Chant, "Puer natus est nobis" by William Byrd, and "Quid petis O fili" by Richard Pygott.

Rehearsals on Monday evenings start September 16, 2019 at 7 PM at HVG Lounge, 128B Pinehurst Avenue. See directions below. Interested singers newly applying to our group should send a note detailing musical education, if any, instruments played, choral and/or solo experiences. Feel free to add particularly inspiring works performed. For more information, contact Sig Rosen, 212-740-4050 or sigrosen@earthlink.net.

Three concerts are currently scheduled:

Saturday November 30, 2019, 4 pm
St. Frances Cabrini Shrine
701 Ft. Washington Avenue
Take the A train to 190th Street

Monday December 2, 2019, 7 pm,
The Tank, 312 W. 36th St.
A short concert: just the Mass.
Take any train to 34th Street

Saturday December 14, 2019, 5 pm
Hudson View Gardens Lounge
See directions below.
Reception follows!

Claude Lévy directs RenChorNY, with John Hetland's new editions, which can be downloaded from Choral Public Domain Library. To access the editions, use the following links:

Fayrfax; Note that there is a separate PDF for each movement:
Missa Tecum principium

Puer natus est nobis

Quid petis O fili?

In each case, click on the PDF symbol above John Hetland's name, or click on the yellow speaker symbol to hear a MIDI rendition of the score.

Directions to HVG Lounge:
The Hudson View Gardens Lounge is at 128B Pinehurst Avenue, one block west of Fort Washington Avenue at West 183rd Street. Take the A train to 181st Street. The exit at the north end is currently closed, so exit at the south end, 181st Street, walk north on Ft. Washington Ave, go left one block on 183rd, cross Pinehurst Ave and walk down the private drive to the Lounge sign on the right. Or, take the M4 bus to 183rd.