I was auditioned by Phil Corner and his wife. As Harold’s niece, of course, I had to be. Beyond that, no one really knew if I could sing, let alone well enough to make the cut. I’d never auditioned for anything before, so it was a really big deal. I had to travel in the subway to get to their apartment. And they were older, and married, and musicians, and whatever else intimidated me at 15 years of age. Anyway, there was this incredible embarrassed awkwardness among the three of us: for me, it was my social timidity and lack of singing ability; for them, I can only imagine they must have felt equally nervous about my ability or lack thereof - after all, they had been given a really difficult task if I couldn’t sing. Phil played a note on the piano and asked me to sing the scale; I did the best I could. And that was it. I’d passed, just like that! They must have felt it was impossible to deny me entry into the chorus, certainly because of my relationship to Harold and maybe also because the chorus needed members at the time, we’ll never know. Happily enough, I eventually became a pretty good choral member. Best of all, I still sing in a chorus which I probably never would have done had I not become a member of the Renaissance Chorus of New York!