Hear the Harold Brown Memorial Open Sing

The Renaissance Chorus Open Sing, held Friday October 29, 2009 in the undercroft at Advent Lutheran Church in New York City, was a casual event attended by former Renaissance Chorus members and friends. Conductors who had had a part in the Renaissance Chorus took turns leading mostly old favorites of Renaissance music.

The tracks here record only the singing, not the intense discussion that led up to each piece nor the commentary afterward, all of which you may imagine as being moderately chaotic but friendly.

Click on a title to hear what we did with it.

John Hetland: Sicut cervus - Palestrina
John Hetland: A Hug for You - Hetland
John Hetland: I Hug You - Hetland
Raymond Rosenstock: In me transierunt - Maillard
Joel Meltz: Misericordias Domini - Josquin
Marjorie Naughton: O nata lux - Tallis
Stephen Bonime: Kyrie, Missa 'Salve diva parens' - Obrecht
Jennifer Quinn: Sicut lilium - Brumel
Stephen Bonime: Kyrie, Missa 'Une mousse de Biscaye' - Josquin
Stephen Bonime: Planxit autem David - Josquin
Raymond Rosenstock: Je suis desheritée - Lupus/Cadéac
Raymond Rosenstock: Gloria, Missa 'Je suis desheritée' - Maillard
Jennifer Quinn:
Vidit Jacob scalam - Crequillon
John Hetland: Fremuit spiritu Jesus - Clemens non Papa
Marjorie Naughton: Christe, qui lux es et dies - Byrd
Joel Meltz: Credo Sine nomine - Ockeghem