RenChorNY presents
Austro-Hungarian Court Composers

Like her grandfather Maximilian I, who employed Isaac and Senfl, Mary Queen of Hungary brilliantly employed the Court composer Thomas Stoltzer to set Luther’s new 1524 Hebrew-German Psalm translations to pioneering 6/7vv. polyphony. Senfl arranged Josquin’s ‘Ave Maria’ to 6vv.

These and other of their motets and lied are featured by RenChorNY, led by Richard Porterfield.

The Chamber Choir will be joined by viols in this presentation of
‘Austro-Hungarian Court Composers’
in Two New York City Events:

Sunday May 5, 2024, 4 pm
Hudson View Gardens Lounge
128 Pinehurst Avenue, Manhattan

Sunday May 12, 2024, 4 pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
164 W. 100th Street, Manhattan