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Welcome to the official Renaissance Chorus website!

Josquin des Prez
(c.1450 - 1521)
In the early 1950's, a group of choristers was recruited by their beloved high school music theory teacher, Harold Brown, to sing Renaissance music as an after school activity. The passion with which this music was received launched the beginning of the Renaissance Chorus of New York. Through performance and recordings, Renaissance music became known and loved by an ever wider audience. Whereas once this music had been relegated to the margins of academia and conservatories, it is now well established in academic departments of music, summer festivals, concert series, and so on. Its arrival on the shores of North America to take a rightful place in the lexicon of musical genres is, in large part, due to the tireless efforts of Harold Brown, violist, composer, choral director, teacher — to his striking arrangements of the music itself and his passionate choral direction.

Jean de Ockeghem
The Renaissance Chorus Association of New York, a non-profit organization, continues to fulfill its mandate to collect, catalogue and circulate the music of the Renaissance period. It archives as well the original works of Harold Brown, accomplished composer of modern classical music, whose body of work and deserved place among 20th century composers has yet to be assessed by music historians.

Guillaume Du Fay
Because of our continuing interest in Renaissance music and our desire to see its appreciation grow among a wider audience, and also as a way of honoring Harold Brown, who loved to teach us and who led the way in bringing Renaissance music to the ears of North Americans, we have created this website to document all things relating to the chorus, its members, the music and our director. We hope you enjoy this website and that it will be useful to you.

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